Traditional Gift Wrap

We asked four local bloggers to share their Christmas gift wrapping tips, trends and ideas. This week Che Kershaw of indieBerries shows us how to wrap a gift with a little something extra. Why is the tradition of wrapping Christmas gifts special to you? Wrapping a Christmas gift (or any gift) is important to me because it shows the recipient that you have taken the time and effort to make their gift special. Even the most inexpensive gift is greatly appreciated if it is presented with love and care. Who is this gift for? This gift is for my fiance Warren – we will be getting married in April next year. What is the inspiration behind this gift’s wrapping? I wanted to keep a Christmas theme to this wrapping but also wanted to use inexpensive materials to create the look. I love it when gift wrapping includes an 'extra' little gift for the recipient – in this case the milk chocolate balls. What materials did you use and where can they be purchased?

  1. An empty box
  2. Metallic gift wrap paper – which can be purchased from The Crazy Store
  3. Sticky tape or glue dots
  4. Milk chocolate balls (preferably red) – I bought mine from Woolworths.
  5. Green paper – various shades – from any craft or paper store
  6. Scissors
  7. Pen
  8. String
I first wrapped the box in the metallic gift wrap and then added another contrasting metallic strip around the box. I tied the box up with some rough string and then drew some holly leaf shapes onto the green paper. (The shapes are easy to draw if you think about drawing an 'inside-out' cloud). Once I had cut out the holly leaves I used two of them as a gift tag and attached them face down to the box using glue dots. (You can also use sticky tape which has been doubled back on itself). I then added three red "holly berries" (the red chocolates) with the glue dots – they serve as an extra little sweet treat for the receiver! Did you have any general tips for gift wrapping? Throughout the year I try to collect various sized boxes to put Christmas gifts in. It is much easier to wrap a box than awkwardly shaped gifts (boomerangs, candlesticks, light-sabers etc). When you wrap a box you can get the edges nice and crisp which gives it a professional look. I've already mentioned that I love gifts that are wrapped with a little extra 'something' for the recipient so another nice idea for gift wrapping is to buy a small, inexpensive bag of Christmas tree decorations (which you can purchase from shops like The Crazy Store and other craft or kid stores). You can loop some pretty ribbon or some string through the decorations and attach them to plainly wrapped gifts. The receiver will then be able to hang part of their gift wrap on their Christmas tree, something which will always remind them of you! Che Kershaw writes the personal blog indieBerries. You can read her posts and see her whimsical illustrations at