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Top 5 Lattes to Love

You can find our coffee supplement in this month's issue of House and Leisure, packed with everything you need to know about the perfect cup of Joe. But to shake things up a little for lovers of more non-traditional hot drinks, we've rounded up a list of our favourite lattes with a twist...  

1. Orange Spice Chai Latte

This aromatic and zesty latte is packed with foamy flavour and perfect for cupping in your hands as you curl up by the fire. If you're out and about in Cape Town and in need of a pick-me-up, you can get your hands on one of these at Hemelhuijs. Otherwise stay snug and make one from the comfort of your own kitchen with this recipe from hemelhuijs-1  

2. Butterscotch Latte

This indulgent latte using homemade butterscotch will simultaneously satisfy both your caffeine cravings and your sweet tooth... Take one to go from your local Seattle Coffee Company branch... ... or try whipping up your own using a different but equally delicious recipe using syrups from from butterscotch-latte  

3. Matcha Latte

We called it as one of our major trends for 2015, and now matcha has made its way into our mugs! One cup of matcha has the nutritional benefits and antioxidants of 10 regular cups of green tea, and it's foamy and delicious to boot. If you live in Cape Town, Lady Bonin's Tea Parlour serves up a mean match latte. Otherwise make your own at home by consulting this recipe from matcha-latte  

4. Amarula Latte

A traditional latte with a naughty but oh-so-nice native kick, this is the ideal after dinner hot drink. If you hail from Pretoria then have one served up to you at Stephnie's. Alternatively you can find a recipe for making your own over at amarula  

5. Rooibos Latte

This proudly South African concoction is caffeine free, rich in antioxidants and fast becoming a staple option on local and overseas café menus. Mugg & Bean serves both a regular rooibos latte and a serious rooibos latte for diehard fans. Otherwise you could try perfecting a version of your own using this recipe from as a guide. rooibos-latte   READ MORE: 4 Creamy Coffee Cocktails Instagram for Coffee-Lovers Coffee Fanatics: Shmuel Montrose     For game-changing home makeovers, insider industry contacts and fresh decor updates, get your copy of the July 2015 Renovations issue, on sale now!