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Top 5 Igers

There’s a lot you can learn from a person’s Instagram feed – from the food you eat (#LCHF #Noakes) to the filter you never knew you used in almost every snap (X Pro II #capesunset)... But every so often there’s a profile that grabs your attention, an audited feed of considered collections, thoughtful perspective and considerate styling. HL found five young South Africans who are doing it right. 1. Zeanne Duminy (@zeanneduminy) Photographer, architect, artist. Zeanne’s expertise is hard to pinpoint. Her razor-sharp eye is attributed to her career as an architect, but it doesn’t hurt that she’s a pretty talented artist, too. A regular poster to the platform, Zeanne looks to Instagram for creative inspiration: ‘Since I am a visual person, I love its uncluttered visual content and I find that images on the app are generally inspiring and uplifting.’ Her snaps offer up plenty of decor ideas and travel vignettes, alongside equally beautiful everyday pics. ‘I usually post images that I want to refer back to, either because they capture significant moments for me or because they refer to design, “home-dreaming” and happiness,’ she explains. 2. Amy Scheepers  (@amy_scheepers) Amy Scheepers has the cutest black kitten. While her incredible collection – ‘a mirror of my personal aesthetic taste’ – includes her own beautifully styled shoots, daily outfits (she’s très chic), decor, accessories, art and travel, all it takes is a quick glimpse of Basil the cat’s fuzzy mane to click ‘follow’. When she’s not Instagramming, Amy’s a professional photographer who uses the platform as ‘an easy and convenient way of keeping an everyday visual diary’. 3. Kirsten Townsend (@designkirst) This graphic designer has ventured into product design with her range of (on-trend!) macramé plant hangers called KNØT. Having recently relocated from Cape Town to Joburg, Kirsten jokes that she uses Instagram ‘as a propaganda tool to sway more Capetonians to come join me in Jozi’. Why does she love the app? ‘It forces us to think and verbalise visually. I need not read a bitter status update about the weather, when you could post a picture of grey clouds. Like they say “a picture is worth a thousand words”.’ 4. CT Type (@cttype) Ad guy Rowan Eva stumbled across the NYC Type account back in June 2013. When he posted an idea about starting up a Cape Town version, local illustrator (and typography superstar) Jordan Metcalf hopped on board, and the two started ‘curating’ the site together. Anyone can contribute by hash tagging #CTTYPE. At the end of the week Rowan and Jordan post some of their favourites in a grid, resulting in a cool mix of the different styles of type found in the design-crazy city. ‘I think that type is often something that we all take for granted,’ says Rowan, ‘and it’s great that most people (after hearing about, and browsing through the site) say that they have started noticing typography a lot more.’ 5. Nikki Albertyn (@nikkialbertyn) A Cape Town-based multimedia designer, Nikki’s Instagram feed is filled with delightfully light-hearted pics ranging from drool-worthy food shots to on-trend decor, all with a soft Valencia-esque filter. There are some cute snaps of cats in-between, too, giving great balance to the softly pretty look of her world view. ‘It’s opened up a window of opportunity for closet-creatives and creatives alike,’ Nikki says of the app. ‘And as a designer, it’s an endless source of inspiration; from a creative as well as from a “people” perspective. Following others on their journey, watching them flourish and express themselves in a space that allows that, is special.’ We couldn’t agree more. Don’t forget to follow House and Leisure on Instagram. Text Jessica Ross