Tomato Croissant Pudding With Rocket Coulis Recipe

Compiled by Raphaella Frame Recipes and styling by Clare and Fiona Ras Food production Susan Greig Food styling Raphaella Frame Decor styling Retha Erichsen, Mariette Theron Photographs Graeme Borchers, Angela Buckland, Elsa Young Ingredients 6 leeks, finely sliced olive oil 1T chilli paste 500ml cream 500ml milk 3 jumbo eggs 6 egg yolks salt and black pepper 8 plain croissants 200g Rosa tomatoes, halved 80g sun-dried tomatoes 4 cups rocket 250ml olive oil 1 garlic clove 1T lemon juice Serves 8 Directions Line a 22cm springform cake tin on the outside with foil to prevent leakage. Sauté the leeks in olive oil until softened and add the chilli paste. Beat the cream, milk and eggs and egg yolks together, season with salt and black pepper, and add the leeks. Cut the croissants in half and arrange a layer of the bottom halves on the base of the tin. Scatter a few Rosa tomatoes and sun-dried tomatoes over the croissant layer and cover with a little egg mixture. Continue to build the layers until the tin is full, finishing with the top halves of the croissants, and pour over any remaining egg mixture. Bake at 180°C for 20 to 25 minutes until cooked through and the top begins to brown. In a blender, blitz the rocket, olive oil, garlic and lemon juice together to make a paste, thinning with two to four tablespoons of water. Serve the rocket coulis drizzled over slices of the warm croissant pudding. Recommended wine pairing: Luddite Shiraz 2006 – TG This recipe is from the February 2011 House and Leisure Food issue.