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This Rainbow Bagel is Amazing

Bryony Whitehead

Carb-lovers take note: The Bagel Store in Brooklyn, New York City, has come up with the rainbow bagel and it is exceptional. This clever reinvention literally adds a dash of psychedelic colour to a popular classic in the Big Apple. ‘It’s an absolute labour of passion and art,’ says Scot Rossillo, owner and baker at The Bagel Store. According to Business Insider, Rossillo came up with the concept 20 years ago, and he says it took a lot of work and discipline to create. The already vibrantly coloured bagel, which is made by adding neon colours to the dough, is cut in half and given a generous layer of funfetti cream cheese and some multi-coloured sprinkles for good measure. Considering booking yourself flights to New York? We don’t blame you. Watch the video here: