The Sustainable Picnic

Summer is a time for eating outdoors and picnics are a great way to meet up with family and friends. Unlike a meal eaten at home, however, picnics require easily transportable plates, cups and cutlery – it's why we often default to the disposable plastic variety. Plastic picnic-wear may be convenient, but it significantly adds to our carbon footprint. GreenHome bridges this gap between convenience and sustainability with a range of disposable eco-friendly products. 'Most takeaway food packaging is petroleum-based, which is a non-renewable resource,' says GreenHome's MD, Catherine Morris. 'Another factor to consider is that there is a lot of mixed material usage, which makes it near impossible to recycle. This means that most petroleum-based food packaging's only option after use is to be sent to landfill.' Made from plant material which is renewable and sustainably grown, each of GreenHome's products are biodegradable and easily composted – meaning they won't clog up a landfill. Picnic plates are made from bagasse, the fibre left after sugar has been extracted from sugarcane, while cutlery is made from wood or biodegradable plastic formulated from cornstarch. And, because GreenHome's food packaging products are made from plants, they're safe to heat and even eat – making them particularly suitable for families with kids. But plates and cutlery aren't the only GreenHome products you can use at your next picnic. Bamboo cones, boats and skewers are great for bite-size snacks while brown paper bags make sandwich – and even miniature bunny chow – serving a cinch. Products are sold in large and small quantities and are competitively priced compared to their plastic alternatives. 'We supply both wholesale and retail size packs,' says Morris. 'Everything on our standard range is sold in cartons of usually 1000 units or in packs of about 50 units. But we also sell picnic packs of plates, knives, forks spoons etc. in quantities of 10.' And if your next picnic or outdoor meal is a special event, GreenHome can customise your order with personalised labels, sleeves or stamps. This is a great alternative to traditional themed disposable products from party stores and an opportunity to put your personal stamp on the special day. For more information on their product range or to place an order, visit Text: Bianca Packham