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The Hand That Works

Newly launched, Zonnebloem's flagship 2012 wine, Lauréat, is a polished blend that is rich, full-bodied and dense in berry concentration. Zonnebloem-Entrance-A4 Dominated by smooth Cabernet Sauvignon, it includes a blend of Merlot, Shiraz and Petit Verdot. Says Zonnebloem vintner Bonny van Niekerk, 'We want intense, deep colour and the fragrances and flavours of full fruit ripeness but also some earthiness and firm but supple tannins. Ultimately, though, we let the vintage have the last say.' Zonnebloem-Barrel-image-A4 The grapes, sourced from Stellenbosch vineyards, are vinified separately and cold-soaked for optimal colour to give the cellar team the individual 'building blocks' needed to create this layered blend. 'For this wine we want an explosion of aroma and flavour backed by good structure.' Using a process called delestage fermentation where the fermented must is drained from the skins and then returned, helps to create the fruit richness of the wine, and strong tannins for a velvety palate, as well as an aerated, smoother finish. On the label you find the deeply etched Zonnebloem history; along with a family gable, a lion and a lamb, is the De Villiers family motto: 'La Main a l’oevre', meaning 'the hand that works' - a nod to the centuries of hard work built into the fabric of Zonnebloem's award-winning wines. Retails for R95 per bottle. For more information visit zonnebloem.co.za