The Garlic Card

There’s a school of thought that says we aren’t getting the best results by chopping or crushing our garlic. If you agree, you’ll love this Swedish invention by chef Herman Rasmuson which produces a fine garlic puree without the fuss. The Garlic Card was born when Herman whipped out his credit card and began grating garlic against the textured side of it. ‘When I watched experienced professionals beating garlic in a plastic bag or trying to mash cloves with the edge of a knife, I knew that something had to be done,’ he remarks. This famous little card has received international praise from the likes of Oprah Winfrey and chefs Ferran Adria and Anthony Bourdain. Not only is it blissfully efficient but we give it top marks for its designer appeal too. To add to that it’s easily washable and dishwasher safe. The Garlic Card is available at all Kitchen Passion stores in yellow, blue, pink, red, black and green and retails for R55. Call Kitchen Passion on 012-460-6972   Text: Mila Crewe-Brown An interior design graduate and writer with an insatiable passion for design, decor and travel, Mila Crewe-Brown cut her teeth working at Condénast House & Garden magazine before embarking on a year and a half journey across three continents. Now back and freelancing in Johannesburg she dedicates her time to writing copy for various interior and lifestyle publications. Visit her blog idreamofdesign.