Thai Suki Hot Pot

Wangthai's newly revamped space on Nelson Mandela Square, Sandton, has brought the age-old Asian culinary concept of Suki to Johannesburg. Something of a fondue, the Thai Suki Hot Pot allows you to poach your own selection of fresh ingredients in an aromatic broth, which is placed in a pot at the centre of the table. The concept allows you to choose from a wide array of vegetables, seafood or meat dishes, which you can dip individually in the broth, as the pot simmers away through the evening. 'From standard vegetarian, meat and seafood combos to a uniquely individual menu, the Thai Suki Hot Pot appeals to all pallets and preferences,' says Wangthai manager, Gary Beardsley-Nel. 'The adventurous diner, for example, may wish to sample the exotic flavours of white fungus and wood ear mushroom, which have been imported directly from Thailand. Whereas the more conservative guest, may select the traditional bok choi and bamboo shoots, which most have come to expect from a Thai dining experience.' The revamped space is sleekly designed, with long benches allowing groups to casually share a Hot Pot or other noodle dishes together. 'Unassuming natural timber screens and cladding are used as a backdrop to the main spaces, which are subtly up-lit with soft blue-grey light, for a touch of drama,' says designer Anton de Kock from M2K Architects. 'This while other spaces are mirrored to create interest, depth and a little sparkle. With that said, authentic Thai artefacts continue to grace carefully selected places throughout the restaurant, reminding patrons that the cuisine they have chosen to relish, was born in a sacred place,' he concludes. The Suki Hot Pot is an interactive, fun dining option, which is healthy and quick to boot. 'It cannot be denied that there is something particularly distinct and reverent about partaking in a tradition, which people have enjoyed for past centuries, in a beautifully appointed and modern setting,' says Gary. To book call 011-784-8484 or visit the restaurant at Nelson Mandela Square, Sandton.