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Taste Rwanda & Mexico


Forget armchair travelling, Nespresso’s new limited edition ranges offer the chance to globe-trot on the lip of a coffee cup. The brand has launched two new Pure Origin creations, one born in the Lake Kivu region in Rwanda and one in Chiapas in Mexico, that both reflect the terroir of their places of origin and the devotion and passion of the small communities that cultivated them. The releases pay homage to the dedicated farmers in each area that have made coffee growing their lives, and because so much love goes into the cultivation of the beans, the ranges have been given names that mean ‘heart’ in their respective country’s native language: Umutima wa Lake Kivu and Tanim de Chiapas. NespressoInsitu The first is conceived on the shores of Lake Kivu in Rwanda using the latest techniques and rigorous post-harvest sorting practices. The resulting coffee has sweet fruity notes and is best enjoyed as a lungo or espresso. The Mexican variation, on the other hand, is grown using traditional methods in Chiapas-based farmers’ own backyards. The final product has a silky smooth texture and bready, nutty aromas. As Karsten Ranitzsch, Head of Coffee at Nespresso, says, ‘Whilst different practices are used to grow the coffees, both communities share the same devotion to coffee and the same exceptional community spirit and ultimately achieve the same result – the best quality coffees, which are appreciated worldwide. NespressoInsitu2 Nespresso has harnessed the flavours of the beans from each region and enhanced them using unique roasting and grinding technology. The brand uses a split roasting technique that sees half the green coffee being lightly roasted and the other half getting a darker roast – the result is coffee with depth and complexity. If you’re eager to travel to these communities in a coffee cup, be sure to pop into any Nespresso boutique or visit soon after 25 January 2016 as the ranges will only be available for as long as stocks last. A sleeve containing 10 capsules costs R85.