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A taste of New York at Mulberry & Prince

Georgia East
The oh-so-Instagrammable Mulberry & Prince is Cape Town’s answer to the Soho-style eatery. Dusty pink double doors lead you into an interior that pairs tasteful minimalism with retro Scandinavian pieces in a colour palette of grey marble, muted pink and reflective bronze. Through both the decor and the food, co-owner Cynthia Rivera has brought her native New York to the inner-city space, while her business partner Cornel Mostert has balanced this brilliantly with distinctly local elements. With a modern take on menus, theirs features a tasting theme – the idea is to select two to three plates and share them among your party, and in doing so, experience the menu in its entirety. Dishes such as sea bass crudo, caramelised onion dip with trout roe, and sardine chips with a horseradish crème fraîche celebrate the simplicity of their ingredients by allowing their flavours to shine through. A favourite of ours was the sardine chips – paper-thin slices of potato threaded with whole sardines and deep-fried – followed by the stracciatella with a zingy citrus-kale salsa verde and charred ciabatta slices. While the chips packed a powerful umami punch, the stracciatella made creamy buffalo mozzarella the star. Still sure to recommend local, the eatery has a carefully curated wine list – we drank Intellego Wines The Pink Moustache 2016 – a fruity yet dry Syrah/Cinsaut blend that perfectly complemented our main course of rainbow trout with pickled turnip and almond milk. This spot is a must-visit for a special occasion. For more information or to make a booking, visit