Summer Strawberry Ice

Robert Koene


800g fresh, ripe strawberries ¼ cup sugar 2T vanilla vodka 2T Cointreau or any orange liqueur a pinch of salt


Cut eight of the largest strawberries into thick slices and place them in the bottom and up the  sides of eight moulds. Blitz the sugar, alcohol and remaining strawberries in a blender until it is smooth, then pour it gently into the moulds. Leave a little gap at the top as the liquid expands when it freezes. Pop in the sticks and freeze the moulds overnight or until they have set. To remove the moulds dip them briefly into hot water and then serve the popsicles. Cook’s Tip: For a virgin pop you can substitute the alcohol with orange juice.   Makes 12   Recipe Brita Du Plessis  Photograph Robert Koene