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Stefan Marais Q&A

We recently chatted to foodie extraordinaire and Societi Bistro Executive Chef, Stefan Marais, about his love for food, his thoughts on our Food issue and more... (Hashtag: #HLFood) @houseleisureSA Today we're chatting to @stefanmarais about #HLFood. Thanks for joining us Stéfan! @stefanmarais Glad to chat to you guys....the #HLFood issue is absolutely awesome! Paging through it is such a treat! @houseleisureSA What was your first impression of the 2012 #HLFood magazine? @stefanmarais Absolutely awesome! Its a full-on recipe book. There are some truly inspired dishes and recipes in the issue. Love Chris Erasmus' pork terrine! @houseleisureSA Awesome! Have you tried cooking any of the dishes yourself yet? @stefanmarais I made a slightly different version of Raphaella's Fig, Honey and Ginger Yoghurt tart the other day... I got my hand on some beautiful "rhonde de Bordeaux" figs which are in full season now that worked beautifully. @houseleisureSA Yum! What was your special spin on the dish? And how did it turn out? @stefanmarais The figs were they did all the work...but the extra two shots of Amaretto in the base also helped! @houseleisureSA Sounds amazing. What other seasonal fruits are you enjoying cooking with at the moment? @stefanmarais Well....that is if you consider a tomato a fruit....any thoughts on that anyone?? @houseleisureSA We do consider it a fruit but it seems like it's always up for debate :) @stefanmarais Also still getting our hands on the last of the stone fruit - anything from Bellini cocktails to plum jam on the go. @houseleisureSA For a unique tomato recipe, try our fire-smoked oysters with rosa tomato crushi on p108 for tomato used as a garnishing. #HLFood @stefanmarais They look awesome! I also love @iwantcupcake 's addition of mustard seeds to her tomato tarts! @houseleisureSA Absolutely! What is your favourite summer meal to cook at home? @stefanmarais When it's hot outside - something really simple like a little French salad with some Parmesan shavings and croutons.... Another favourite which my friends love is "Steak & Salad Day" Steak, Salad, Amazeballz bernaise...that's it. I am really a very simple creature and tend to enjoy the simplistic things in life when I take some time off. @houseleisureSA Simple food is often the best! @stefanmarais More often than not! Good quality ingredients, treated with love! They only thing I ever make at home that I go to some effort with is an apple tarte tatin...but that is normally in winter. @houseleisureSA Finally, is there anything you’d like to see more of in our next #HLFood issue? @stefanmarais The #HLfood issue is already so packed with awesome! If anything, perhaps a small section on where to score the good stuff? @houseleisureSA Interesting idea, thanks @stefanmarais. Enjoy cooking from #HLfood and thanks for your time :) @stefanmarais Another dish in the #HLfood edition that is making my mouth water today is the Lamb Kofta by Craig & Bertus...perfect day! @houseleisureSA Another great choice. Let us know if you decide to cook it! @stefanmarais Only a pleasure! There are definitely some great ideas I am going to play with in the #HLfood issue. The @houseleisureSA #HLfood issue is probably the most recipe packed magazine in SA...Well done to @iwantcupcake and the whole team! @houseleisureSA Excellent, hopefully we will get a taste of your new creations too at @SocietiBistro;) @stefanmarais Definitely! Look out for some awesome simple summer cooking at @societibrasseri as well! @houseleisureSA We can't wait! @stefanmarais Only a pleasure! Its been great! Ready to head back into the kitchen full steam for a busy lunch service at @societibrasseri. You can follow Stefan's foodie tweets via @stefanmarais or see what's hot on the Societi Bistro & Brasserie menu here.