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Springfield Miss Lucy

This summer’s favourite tipple, or rather, wine of choice (because there’s been an inordinate amount of gin and Aperol spritzers consumed in my household, too) comes from an all-time favourite estate – Springfield. The family-owned-and-run Robertson wine estate launched its fabulous new white blend, Miss Lucy, on the cusp of the December holidays, perfect timing for days of casual dining, seafood feasts, sushi on the beach – that sort of thing. And it’s been created specifically to accompany this kind of fare. Miss Lucy (approximately R86) is a blend of Sauvignon, Semillon and Pinot Gris, made – says the Springfield team, ‘to accompany anything from the sea, and meant to be enjoyed over those blissfully languid summer lunches where the sun warms your salty skin, your hair is tangled by the breeze, your tummy full and your heart overflowing.’ We love their descriptions! Miss Lucy is a nickname for the endangered Red Stumpnose fish, which you can see illustrated on the attractive label. It harks back to family holidays, when the kids were taught all about fishing: ‘that the tastiest fish were often the ugliest – bony, spiny, red things whose eyes popped out from the pressure change as they rose from the deep, and that time and tide - and fried fish - waits for no-one.’ The wine is deliciously complex, with fresh citrusy hints, and is an absolute winner with everything from crayfish on the braai to seared tuna steaks, a lightly spiced prawn curry or even just a lovely light salad with goat’s cheese and ripe nectarines. Look out for it at good wine outlets, or contact Springfield Estate for stockists or online orders.