Spot the difference - NoMU style

Everyone knows and loves NoMU. They've got the perfect answer for just about any cooking dilemma. What should I season my meat with? What can I dunk my freshly baked bread into? And not forgeting, which chocolatey drink will keep me warm this winter? It's the key local ingredient to making meal time more fabulous and delicious. Even better is the NoMU online store, which saves you a trip to the local Spar or Pick n Pay. Now you can do your virtual grocery shopping and get what you need in just a couple of clicks!

Special HL Offer

We're running a limited offer where the first 3 HL readers to click through from this page to the online shop and order the new NoMU envelope will win a subscription to House and Leisure. So get clicking! Be sure to write ‘HL Subs Win’ in the “special delivery instructions” box when you make your order to stand a chance to win.   We've compiled our ultimate list of tasty NoMU products for the season:

9. Chef canisters

Now bigger and better, these canisters containing our all-time favourite rubs, come in a number of different flavours which are nicely sealed to lock in the spices. We're a fan of the seafood and oriental flavours in particular and love how easy they are to use. Also handy for trade insiders is the fact that all NoMU products are now available in convenient larger sizes to suit the needs of the hotel, restaurant and catering trades. Price: Chef Canister (500g), R110. Bulk, R175.

8. Vanilla extract

An authentic extract, cold processed from pure hand-harvested Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans, NoMU's vanilla extract is a wonderful accompaniment to many desserts and baked dishes. The pods stay fresher for longer and you also won't have to scrape the seeds out yourself as they've already done this for you. What a pleasure. Price: R115. Chef Canister (1 litre), R775.

7. Pesto stir

It couldn't be easier - or tastier - than making your own pesto the NoMU way. Simply add hot water and olive oil, stir and voilà. You've got instant pesto! It suits us perfectly because you can make it as and when you need it. Their rehydratable pesto can add magic to just about any dish, whether it's used as a pasta sauce or drizzled over oven-roasted vegetables. Mmm... Price: R40. Chefs (500g), R165. Bulk (1kg), R285.

6. Dippers

What we love most about the dippers is that these centuries-old Middle Eastern snacks can be enjoyed in so many different ways. Dunk your freshly baked loaf into olive oil and then into dukkah for a quick-and-easy snack, or add it to your marinade or dressing to introduce a burst of flavour. You can even enjoy it simply sprinkled over a salad for an enhanced taste. Price: Egyptian Dukkah, R42. Passion Chili Dipper, R45. Pistachio and Black Pepper Dipper, R48. Pistachio and Sumac Dipper, R48.

5. Fonds

Think stocks reinvented for easier and less messy use. Fonds are a foodie first in South Africa which come with a handy 18 month shelf life so they'll last you many meals! The health nuts will love that they're also gluten-free, and also free of artificial flavour enhancers, colouring agents and preservatives. This version is also far more appetizing than the dried up stock cubes that are tricky to crush up in their entirety. Get them in any of these four delicious flavours: beef, lamb, chicken and vegetable. Price: Beef, R86. Chicken, R70. Lamb, R80. Vegetable, R62.

4. Gift boxes

Need to package your NoMU foodie buy in a pretty gift bag to give to a friend or loved one? No problem - they've got that sorted too! You can get a lovely, striking NoMU gift box - ribbon and all - to parcel the equivalent of four rubs. Best of all, you can have the box delivered to the lucky recipient's door. Some special features include a plastic lid so you can clearly see the contents of your NoMU box, Original NoMU branded tissue paper, custom-made dividers, as well as branded merchandise including ceramic bowls and mugs. You can also get yours in 5 different iconic NoMU colours, including burnt orange, chocolate brown, hot pink, mint green and jet black. Price: Baking Essentials Gift Set (Cocoa, Vanilla Paste, Vanilla Extract), R270. Gift box alone with ribbon, R25.

3. Grinders

No more bland food with these miracle products! Your taste buds will be blown away by the flavour sensation produced by the NoMU grinders. Variants: African Heat Grinder, Hooked Grinder (for seafood), Plucked Grinder (for Chicken), One For All Grinder, Steak Out Grinder (for steaks and meats), Just Salt Grinder, Just Pepper Grinder. Price: African Heat Grinder, R34. Chefs Canister (500g), R105. Bulk (1kg), R170. Hooked Grinder (for seafood), R34. Chefs Canister (500g) R105. Bulk (1kg), R170. Plucked Grinder (for Chicken), R34. Chefs Canister (500g), R105. Bulk (1kg), R170. One For All Grinder, R34. Chefs Canister (500g), R105. Bulk (1kg), R170. Steak Out Grinder (for steaks and meats), R34. Chefs Canister (500g), R105, Bulk (1kg), R170. Just Salt Grinder, R33. Chef’s Canister (1kg), R85. Just Pepper Grinder, R34. Chef’s Canister (500g ), R150. Bulk (1kg), R218.

2. Envelopes

We simply adore this innovative new NoMU release. These envelopes allow you to try four different rubs at a cost equivalent to one tin. So instead of buying the bulky tin, you get handy sachets to sample each rub. They'll also airmail your envelope to anywhere in the world, free of charge. Each re-sealable foil pouch includes 20g worth of goodness, which is a lovely refill solution. Price: R50.

1. Hot Chocolate

Naturally, with the icy winter chill at our backs, the irresistible hot chocolate comes out tops! For the weight watchers and any diabetics, there's an equally delicious sugar-free hot chocolate available. NoMU has come up with an innovative recipe that's aspartame free and contains sucralose, a derivative of sucrose. The pro's? No calories, glycemic response or tooth decay! If you're a fan of the regular drinking chocolate, you'll know that it is one of life's most decadent treats. Enjoy it hot or cold as a perfect drink for the whole family. Then, for the ultimate chocoholics, there's NoMU's hot chocolate chunks. Melt the ultra rich dark chocolate pieces into a divine chocolate drink or use them in choc chip cookies - or if you can't resist, just gobble them up as they are! Price: Sugar-Free Hot Chocolate Tin (150g), R40. Chef’s Canister (600g), R120. Bulk (1kg), R155 Drinking Chocolate Tin (250g), R37. Decadent Chocolate Chunks Tin (300g), R80. Chef’s Canister (750g), R160. Bulk (1kg), R195.  

Chocolatey Spot the Difference

As of 1 August 2011, NoMU, in conjunction with House and Leisure, will be running the ultra chocolatey Spot the Difference competition. Make sure you buy our August luxury issue and turn to page 100 to see the first version of the specially-illustrated NoMU advert. Once you've had a good squizz, head on over to the NoMU blog to view the second version of the same advert. Spot the difference, email your answer, along with your name and contact number to, and you could win amazing prizes! A night’s stay in one of the Grand Daddy's rooftop trailers, a Bosch MUM 46 CR 1 Powerful 550W Kitchen Machine, R500 of Exclus1ves online shopping vouchers, an oval casserole dish from Le Creuset, 3 bottles of Clive Cuvee 2005 from Graham Beck, a Scanpan 3 piece Chef Knife set from Banks, a hamper of preserves and tapenades from Chaloner, a bottle of Primitiv Vodka, a bottle of Naked Lemon Limoncello from Primitiv Vodka, and a delicious NoMU hamper are just some of the incredible prizes up for grabs!   We'd like to thank NoMU for generously supplying us with their exciting new envelopes on our July road show. These little treats contained various flavours of their Rubs, which can be shipped free of charge to anywhere in the world for just slightly more than the cost of buying a 100g tin of NoMU in store!