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[SPASIE] Underground


If you haven't heard of CT's first chef-led underground restaurant, you better get out from under that rock! [SPASIE], at 97 Church Street in Cape Town, is a wonderful collective of fine cuisine, clever design and great conversation. Having done away with the private dining concept, visitors are treated to a communal long table with a set menu (you can choose which evening you'd like to attend based on the menu) and divine wine pairings. The celeb chefs, including Clara Bubenzer, Matt Manning, Craig Cormack,Vanessa Marx and Sue-Ann Allen, are on rotation so you'll get a different experience every time. Seating is limited so book early to avoid disappointment: speaktospasie@spasieunderground.com or call 021 422 1492. For more info visit spasieunderground.com