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Sip on gold

Two of our favourite things are the brilliant opulence of gold and the unique quality of all things artisanal, so needless to say, we were beyond pleased to hear of a new premium craft vodka that combines both of these elements.

Handmade in a craft distillery in the heart of Johannesburg, Au Gold Vodka is triple distilled from carefully selected grain in small batches and then packaged in a sleek black bottle with gilded design details. In every aspect, it is, we have to admit, quite a striking work of alcohol art.


As the gold skyline on the bottle suggests, the high-end drink is a celebration of the city of Joburg, its status as the place of gold, its spirit of prosperity and ambition and its vibrant culture.

‘As partygoers who have spent a considerable amount of time exploring the local nightlife scene, we wanted to capture and share the sentiment we feel walking around the city at night,’ explains Au Gold Managing Director Dumo Ndlovu. ‘Every corner of Joburg has a different edge to it, so we felt the city deserved to be honoured by having a beverage celebrating its captivating nature.’

The founders, who are also the chief crafters (they call themselves ‘goldsmiths’), were also inspired by the great success that the craft beer movement saw locally and by the fact that many of the musical artists that they grew up listening to (Jay Z and P. Diddy, for example) have made investments in liquor brands.


At the end of the day, the luxurious new vodka is a labour of love that reflects its creators’ entrepreneurial drive and their passion for the metropolis they live in.

While the first bottle focuses on the fine taste of pure vodka, in the not-so-distant future the company plans to launch a few variants of the drink infused with unique flavours also inspired by Jozi.

For now, you can buy Au Gold Vodka via the brand’s online store (augold.co.za). Also look out for it at Joburg-based markets, like Neighbourgoods, the Rosebank Sunday Market and the Market@theSheds, from the end of March onwards. Plans are also in place to make it available at upscale bars and restaurants in the future.


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