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Scottish Leader

I know the Phuza posts are usually vino-related, but humour this young whiskey lover, won't you? Now, I love my Scotch and - aghast! - I'm no puritan. I'll have it neat or on the rocks, with lemonade, or as one of these delicious whiskey cocktails (the Spiced Apple Julep is my all-time favourite!). And now Scottish Leader, one of the world’s favourite blended Scotch whiskies, has launched their improved recipe Scottish Leader Original together with a newly introduced premium Signature blend. After extensive research, their flagship has been reformulated and re-branded, standing tall and proud of its Scottish heritage. With a recipe by master distiller, Ian MacMillan, the blend has a sophisticated warmth, with a sweet hit and a smoky nose, and ultimately, finishing smoothly as any good whiskey should. 'The core elements of Scottish Leader Original have not been lost in any way. As a team with over 340 years of collective experience, we've worked incredibly hard to give it more richness and balance but ensure it is still immediately recognisable as the Scottish Leader people around the world have come to appreciate. With Scottish Leader Signature we’ve amplified the malt influence to give Scotch lovers a new, complex and layered offering', says Ian of the two varieties. Not convinced? The two blends will appeal to newcomers and die-hard whiskey drinkers alike. Enjoy it relaxing over the weekend, or celebrating the good times. For more info visit or follow them on Facebook and Twitter.