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Scoop yourself skinny

Ice cream used to be, and for most still is, about cool indulgence and guilty pleasure. But there seems to be a rising movement aimed at ‘healthifying’ this frozen dessert and turning it into a diet-conscious gym bunny’s new best friend. Early 2015 saw the launch of Mi Whey protein ice cream, and recently Skinny Scoop rolled onto the local scene with tubs that are far more nice than naughty thanks to the inclusion of a whey protein isolate and the replacement of sugar with xylitol. The latter brand comes in deceivingly seductive packaging and was launched by its fitness-crazy founders, Jarred Plu’g and Gabriella Esposito, in an attempt to offer the public a treat that’s seemingly decadent but entirely innocent. ‘We wanted to combine my expertise from personal training and Gabriella’s knowledge of the delectable world of dessert to create a product that satisfies those late-night and everyday cravings, but at the same time keeps you healthy and fit,’ explains Jarred. SkinnyScoop2 The absence of sugar is, of course, perfect for calorie counters and the whey protein helps to build muscle and strength (out with the shakes; in with the ice cream). Apparently though, the scoops, which currently come in the flavours Vanilla Camilla and Afterdark Cacao still manage to taste pretty good, so they retain the pleasure part of ‘guilty pleasure’. Mi Whey is already available in Cape Town, Gauteng and KZN and while Skinny Scoop is only currently being sold in Cape Town, there are plans to launch it in Johannesburg and Durban within the next year too. Plus, we’re pretty certain we’ll also see a few more protein gelato contenders popping up in SA before the close of 2016. What are your thoughts on this trend? Does muscle-building ice cream appeal or are we just tainting something that should remain a naughty luxury. Let us know in the comments section below.