Sausages In Cider Recipe

Recipe and styling Raphaella Frame-Tolmie Food assistant Cassidy Nydahl Photographs Sean Calitz Ingredients 1T butter 3T olive oil 8 pork sausages 1 large Granny Smith apple, cored and cut into wedges 2 large onions, sliced 4 thyme sprigs 1 bay leaf 1t brown sugar 1t english mustard 1T plain flour 350ml apple cider (we used Everson’s) Directions Heat the butter and olive oil in a large frying pan. Brown the sausages, then remove them from the pan and set aside. Add the apple, onions, thyme and bay leaf to the pan and sauté until the onions are beginning to brown and caramelise. Add the sugar and mustard, then add the flour and cook for about a minute. Gradually pour in the cider, stirring so that there are no lumps in the flour. Bring to a simmer and return the sausages to the pan. Cover with a lid or tinfoil and cook for a further 20 to 25 minutes. Serve with creamy mashed potatoes. Serves 4 This recipe is featured in the June 2013 issue of House & Leisure. For more winter recipes, turn to page 108 of the latest issue.