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SA tops Ethical Winemaking

Bosman Family Vineyards was recently awarded the prestigious Fairtrade Award, its second win in this category in 2012, at London's International Wine Challenge. Not simply a commendation for the wine farm itself, the award is being heralded as incredibly significant for SA's wine industry. Presented to the highest quality wine with Fairtrade certification, the award aims to promote equality and sustainability in the farming sector. Quality and sustainability aren't necessarily mutually exclusive, so when a wine provides both it's truly a great achievement. We can drink to that! Petrus Bosman, managing director of Bosman Family Vineyards, says that 'As a team, we understand we exist in a continuum; our present is connected to our past and to those who will come after us... Our aim is to continuously improve on social and environmental sustainability. This inherently brings better quality and leads to growth and prosperity for everyone on the farm... The IWC award is wonderful recognition.' Bosman's Fairtrade wine sales help to facilitate a broad spectrum of initiatives, such as the Adama Apollo Workers Trust which affords transport to the families living on the Bosman Estates, as well as housing a pre-school for 100 children. To learn more about De Bos, visit bosmanwines.com