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Rising Stars 2013: Kate Schrire

What inspired you to start The Creamery? After becoming a chef, I worked for several years in the non-profit world, mainly on sustainable food projects. I always knew I wanted to run my own food business along Slow Food principles, but it wasn't until I started making ice cream at home, for my friends and family, that I discovered how much better handmade ice cream tasted than anything else available commercially – and that you couldn't buy the stuff anywhere in Cape Town. I realised that ice cream would be a wonderful platform for celebrating locally grown, seasonal ingredients, that would allow me to continue working directly with small emerging growers and family farms. Anything exciting you're working on at the moment? We're constantly working on developing new flavours and ice cream related products. Right now we're playing around with a King Cone-style pre-packaged ice cream, combining our ice creams with interesting mix-ins and sauces. Think sea salt caramel ice cream with dark chocolate sauce and chopped smoked almonds, Rosetta coffee ice cream with butter-crunch toffee and caramel sauce, etc. We're also working on a couple of limited edition sorbets for the summer, frozen yoghurt tubs and a diabetic-friendly range. And we're hoping to offer ice cream cakes for Christmas. What's next? In August we opened our very first Creamery Café in Newlands. It's an ice cream shop offering ice cream scoops and take-home tubs, as well as milkshakes, sundaes, waffles, tea and coffee, and a seasonal dessert menu. So our focus for the next couple months is nurturing the café, and making sure we're offering a wonderful experience to our customers as we go into summer. Career highlight so far? After university, I spent six months interning for the renowned restaurateur and food activist Alice Waters at Chez Panisse in Berkeley, California. It was an eye-opening experience, and taught me a lot about the importance of surrounding yourself with a highly motivated team, building a brand of integrity, and how to create a business environment that is professional, personal and joyful for your customers and staff. Visit thecreamery.co.za for more information about their handmade ice cream and flavours.