Rib Eye of Beef Recipe

Madame Zingara's Second Annual Chef’s Showcase kicks off on 5 June 2012 at Cape Town's The Sidewalk Café, and will see six of its talented chefs competing for diners' votes as they prepare delectable dishes for the public. Each of the finalists will have a week to cook and showcase their fare over breakfast, lunch and dinner at this popular Vredehoek eatery, and the verdict is entirely up to the public votes. The winner will claim the prize for the most popular menu. By voting, diners also stand a chance of winning an exciting prize, and they'll be automatically entered into the main draw at the end of the Chef’s Showcase for the grand prize. House and Leisure will be featuring one of the six chefs each week, as well as the dish that took them to the final, starting with Heinrich Koen, who will be plating up his meals throughout the week of 5 - 11 June: THYME AND CORIANDER CRUSTED RIB EYE OF BEEF (served on parsnip puree with pomegranate, buchu, wild garlic, bone marrow bon bons and balsamic jus) Ingredients: 1.2kg beef ribeye 40g coriander seeds 30g thyme 500g parsnips 250ml milk 50g butter 50g pomegranate seeds small bunch buchu 60g wild garlic leaves 300g marrow bones 50ml truffle oil 2tbs Parmesan 1 carrot 1 celery stalk 1 onion salt and pepper 1 Tbs tomato paste 100ml balsamic vinegar 300ml red wine 3 Tbs flour 1 egg Japanese breadcrumbs Directions:

  • Lightly roast the coriander seeds in a medium hot oven for 15 minutes.
  • Remove thyme sprigs from the stalks and combine with coriander seeds in a pestle and mortar.
  • Roughly mixuntil it resembles a bread crumb consistency and set aside.
  • Trim off all the fat and sinew from the ribeye.
  • Roughly chop onion, carrot and celery and fry in a medium sauce pan for 10 minutes and add beef trimmings.
  • Fry for 10 minutes then add tomato paste, balsamic and red wine and one litre of water.
  • Bring to the boil and simmer for at least 45 minutes before straining.
  • Slice ribeye into medallions and lighty coat them in coriander spice and set aside.
  • Remove the buchu from the stalks and pound in pestle and mortar into a powder and set aside.
  • Remove the marrow from the bones and remove any excess blood using a fork.
  • Mix the marrow, parmesan and truffle oil and shape into round balls.
  • Coat the balls in flour, egg and breadcrumbs and store in a freezer.
  • Peel and chop parsnips and simmer in milk and butter until firm.
  • Place warm mixture into blender and blend until smooth.
To serve:
  • Grill medallions about five minutes one each side or until medium rare and let it rest for three minutes.
  • Fry the marrow bon bons in a deep fat fryer until golden.
  • Blanch the wild garlic.
  • Arrange the ribeye on top of the puree and top it with bone marrow balls and blanched wild garlic.
  • Sprinkle pomegranates and buchu and serve balsamic jus on the side.
Heinrich is executive chef of Bombay Bicycle Club. In 2002 Heinrich joined Cafe Paradiso as head chef, then moved to the original Madame Zingara Restaurant in Loop Street, Cape Town, in 2004. His credentials include time in London with culinary heavyweights Jamie Oliver and Aldo Zilli. Heinrich’s considerable skills extend to wine and cheese-making. For bookings contact Sidewalk Café on 021-461-2839 or visit For more information on the Chef’s Showcase or the Madame Zingara Group of Companies visit