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White Cab Mojito

Photograph Micky Hoyle


16 lime wedges

32 mint leaves, torn

crushed ice

4 shots (100ml) light rum

4 shot (100ml) Monin mojito mint syrup

8 shots (200ml) plus 4T Asara White Cab

8 shots (200ml) soda water

mint sprigs, to garnish


Place four lime wedges into each of four Burgundy-style wine glasses.

Add equal amounts of the torn mint leaves to each glass and fill with crushed ice.

Add a shot each of rum and mojito mint syrup to each glass, and two shots of Asara White Cab, and churn with a spoon.

Top up each serving with soda and a tablespoon of Asara White Cab and if necessary more crushed ice.

Garnish with sprigs of fresh mint. Serves 4

Recipe Peter Gottgens Photograph Micky Hoyle

The recipe originally appeared in HL Food 2014



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