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Strawberry & radish


for the strawberries and radish 200g whole strawberries 100g small radishes 200ml strawberry juice squeeze of lime juice, to taste 130g sugar 100ml water for the granité 200g radishes 600g strawberries 200ml sugar 100ml coconut water for the dehydrated chocolate marquise 3 egg yolks 100g caster sugar 70g dark chocolate 75g butter 80g cocoa powder 250ml cream, whipped


Preheat your oven to 65ºC. Cut the tops off the strawberries and radishes, then dry them in the oven for a few hours. Bring the juices, sugar and water to the boil together in a small saucepan. Set the syrup aside. To make the granité, juice the radishes and strawberries. Dissolve the sugar in the coconut water and stir it into the juice. Freeze the liquid on a tray, then scrape the ice into a heap of fluffy crystals. Place the tray back in the freezer. To make the marquise, whisk the egg yolks with the sugar until they’re thick and creamy. Melt the chocolate and butter in a bain-marie. Stir in the egg yolks and cocoa powder, then fold the cream into the mixture. Spread this thinly onto wax paper and dry it out fully in an oven at 65ºC. A few minutes before plating, rehydrate the strawberries and radishes with the syrup. Place some ground marquise and a large spoon of granité at the bottom of each bowl. Add the strawberries and radishes with shards of marquise. Garnish with basil and mint. serves 5 to 6 Indochine at Delaire Graff Estate, Helshoogte Pass, Stellenbosch, 021-885-8160,
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