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Book review: Shishanyama – braai recipes from South Africa by Jan Braai


The South African braai master is back with this, his latest guide to cooking outdoors. Shishanyama by Jan Braai (Bookstorm; R330, available from Exclusive Books) is filled with easy instructions and recipes that make use of readily available South African ingredients – all of which come together to create a variety of delicious dishes. It was surprising to discover just how much food can be prepared on a braai: from breads, soups, pastas, warm dishes and breakfasts to snacks, side dishes and desserts, you could eat forever. Jan adds his own personal touch to the cookbook by sharing a special anecdote at the beginning of each recipe, allowing the reader to feel his passion and love for braaiing. It truly is something special. Discover our favourite recipes below.

Coffee-spiced steak: Ground coffee beans develop a flavour that complements the braaied steak really well.

Jan Braai pizza: Nothing gets easier than this, making it perfect to serve as a quick snack or starter.

Chicken jalfrezi: This dish may sound fancy and foreign, but it's actually a very straightforward chicken curry potjie that's big on flavour and simple to prepare.

Seafood couscous paella: Seafood lovers will adore this moreish offering, which is also very quick to cook.

Caramel flambé bananas: End off your meal with caramel flambéed bananas served with ice cream.

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