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Nespresso Cocktail Recipes

So, who doesn't love a good cuppa Nespresso, right? And who would pass up on a cocktail? Nobody! So why not make a Nespresso cocktail? Ok, hear us out - they're surprisingly delicious! If you're keen for something new and a bit left of the norm, give these a try (and we won't say we told you so!) TROPICAL MANGO COFFEE The intense character of the Grand Crus mingles with the profusion of tropical scents of mango and chocolate... A pure moment of exotic indulgence! Ingredients 1 capsule of either Ristretto or Indriya from India or Arpeggio Grand Cru Mango juice Ice cubes or crushed ice Milk 1 chocolate-covered wafer Preparation Place a few cracked ice cubes or regular ice cubes in the bottom of the glass Add the mango juice Prepare a capsule of Ristretto or Indriya from India or Arpeggio Grand Cru in Ristretto (25 ml).Pour the milk in the Aeroccino or use the steam pipe of your Nespresso machine, and press the cold milk froth button Pour the milk froth on top of the cup Place a chocolate-covered wafer on top   MOJITO CAFÉ An exaltation of the senses in Caribbean colours! Be swept away by a dance of flavours, where the intensity of fresh mint mingles with the intensely grilled, subtle cocoa notes of Arpeggio Grand Cru among the ice cubes. Ingredients 1 capsule of Arpeggio Grand Cru 35ml of Sparkling water 5 ml of white mint syrup/mojito mint syrup 1 leaf of fresh mint 5 table spoons of crushed ice 2 ice cubes 1 Nespresso White sugar (3g) Preparation Pour the mint syrup and the Sparkling water into the recipe glass Prepare an Arpeggio Grand Cru and pour it into the shaker Add the sugar and 2 ice cubes, shake the ingredients Add 5 table spoons of crushed ice into the glass and stick the straw in the ice Use a spoon to gently pour the Espresso into the glass Decorate the top of your glass with a mint leaf