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Mariana's Baby Marrow and Feta Salad

Stephen Inggs

The recipe below comes straight out of celebrated South African chef Mariana Esterhuizen’s new cookbook, Mariana’s Country Kitchen.

Mariana, who owns an eponymous restaurant in Stanford, grows mint – a key ingredient in this salad – in her own garden.


125ml lemon-infused olive oil

2T fresh mint, chopped

2T parsley, chopped

350g baby marrows

120g shelled young peas or frozen petits pois

80g shelled broad beans

100g goat's milk feta, cubed

1 medium red onion, sliced

salt and freshly ground white pepper to taste


Pour the olive oil into a blender, add the mint and parsley, and blend at high speed. Set aside while you prepare the salad.

Rinse the baby marrows, trim the stem ends and leave them whole. Bring a medium-sized saucepan of water to the boil, add salt and boil the baby marrows gently until they are just tender, but still bright green. Leave the marrows in a colander to drain.

Just before you are ready to serve, blanch the peas and broad beans until they are bright green, then drain. Cut the drained baby marrows diagonally and place them on a serving platter, add the peas and broad beans, and scatter the cubed cheese and onion over the vegetables.

Pour the herb dressing over the vegetables and cheese, adjust the seasoning if necessary and serve at room temperature.



The Mariana’s Country Kitchen recipe book is published by Human & Rousseau and can be bought for around R350.