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lindt flavour inspired Pistachio Truffles


The LINDT CREATION range is all about indulgence. These 150g slabs enrobe rich flavours in soft centered blocks of luxurious chocolate. One of the newest editions to this range, is the Pistachio Delight dark chocolate bar – a delicious slab filled with pistachio flavour and crunchy almond pieces. We asked the Lindt Chocolate Studio for a recipe inspired by this intense chocolate experience so you can make your own flavour infused treats at home.


125g cream (whipping) 300g Swiss Classic Milk Chocolate 30g pistachio nuts - ground coarsely 1g pistachio extract (optional)


In a small sauce pan, bring to the boil the cream and optional pistachio extract. Pour over the chopped chocolate – mixing from the centre until a smooth and shiny ganache has formed. Add the pistachio nuts. Pour into a shallow container & cover to touch with cling film. Allow to set at room temperature to a soft butter like consistency. Scoop into small portions or pipe into portions. Allow to sit until dry to the touch. Coat in cool melted milk couverture & then roll in finely ground pistachio nuts. Note: if the temperature is too high, place the ganache in the fridge until set. MAKES 20-30 truffles (15 - 20g each) 17-august-20164373 This recipe was provided by the LINDT Chocolate Studio.