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Lamb Potjie Recipe

ThinkStock, supplied


2kg lamb knuckle pieces 125ml flour 5ml salt 5ml ground cumin 5ml ground coriander 30ml olive oil 2 onions, chopped roughly 4-5 small sticks of celery, chopped roughly 2 leeks, washed and chopped roughly 30ml butter 500ml chicken stock 250ml Drostdy-Hof Pinotage Bouquet garni (a small bunch of fresh thyme and 2 bay leaves tied together with kitchen string) 250g green beans, topped and tailed 250g baby carrots 250g baby potatoes


Prepare a fire, ensuring you have enough coals to cook a potjie for around two hours. Season the flour with the salt and spices and dust the pieces of lamb knuckle in this dry mixture. Make sure the meat is covered and shake off any excess flour. In a medium sized, cast iron potjie, heat the olive oil and fry the lamb until golden brown on all sides. Remove and keep aside until needed. Add the onions, celery and leeks to the potjie and fry in the olive oil and butter. Return the meat to the potjie and add the stock, Drostdy-Hof Pinotage and bouquet garni. Close with a tight fitting lid. Cook over the fire for about one hour until the sauce is thick and the meat starts to soften (but not fall from the bone). Add the baby potatoes, season with a little salt and cook covered for another hour. Do not stir. Add the baby carrots and cook for another 15 minutes before adding the green beans. Season with a little salt and close the lid. Cook the potjie for another 10 minutes. Remove from the heat and stir gently using a large metal spoon. Check for seasoning and serve with basmati rice or couscous. Serves 6 to 8