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Feeling fancy? Make this jelly ring with edible flowers


In the Jan/Feb 2017 issue of House and Leisure, floral design studio Okasie shows us how to take special gatherings and dinners to a whole new level with innovative ways to use blooms around the table. Here the floral-masters share a special recipe for an enchanting jelly ring dessert.


edible flowers fresh berries pineapple or raspberry jelly boiling water chilled lemonade / champagne / sparkling wine


Line a new or antique jelly mould with clingfilm. Place edible flowers and, if you like, fresh berries in the base of the mould. Mix pineapple or raspberry jelly powder (enough to fit your mould) according to the packet instructions but using only 100ml of boiling water. Substitute chilled lemonade, Champagne or sparkling wine instead of the additional cold water called for in the directions. Tip: Chill your mould and all the other liquid ingredients for a few hours before preparing your jelly – this will ensure it sets fast and retains the fizz factor. Find out how to make four more impressive floral features in our Jan/Feb 2017 issue. Courtesy of Okasie.