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Grilled lettuce with Gorgonzola dressing and almond praline

Micky Hoyle

Deliciously simple ingredients take on fresh and sophisticated appeal in a spring dish that balances taste, texture and colour.

grilled lettuce with Gorgonzola dressing and almond praline

For the Gorgonzola dressing

125g Gorgonzola cheese

125ml cow's milk or almond milk

75ml almond or light vegetable oil

Salt, pepper, Tabasco sauce and a few drops of fresh lemon juice, to taste

For the praline

100g sugar

100g almonds

For the lettuce

3 medium heads of romaine lettuce

Olive oil, for brushing


Liquidise the Gorgonzola with the milk and oil until it has the consistency of a smooth sauce. Add seasoning and lemon juice to taste, thin with a little more milk if required and set aside for later use.

To make the praline, gently melt the sugar in a saucepan over medium heat, stirring until it caramelises. Mix in the almonds and pour onto well-greased baking or parchment paper. Allow to cool and chop the praline roughly into small pieces.

Place a griddle pan on high heat. Halve the lettuce heads, brush lightly with olive oil and place the heart sides onto the hot pan. Cook for 30 seconds until charred, remove from the pan and set aside. Dip each lettuce head into the dressing and sprinkle with almond praline. Serve immediately with crusty bread or wafers.