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Food To Warm The Soul

Winter’s chill is creeping into focus and with it, the need to feel the sort of warmth that starts from the inside and glows its way outward. That’s why slow-cooked dishes are so perfect for the cold months. Try these recipes for stew, roast and risotto that each offer the sort of inner warmth we crave during those cold snaps.

Hearty hunter’s stew

This poultry dish is best served with a glass of ice-cold sherry...

Trussed beef pot roast

potroast600 Serve this scrumptious dish with autumn vegetables.

Baked red wine and mushroom risotto

RisottoFI600 Sprinkled with thyme and plenty Parmesan cheese... READ MORE HERE: Enjoy home-cooked streetfood Snuggle down in this linen Cosy winter getaways