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Festive Food by top chefs

The time for festive cooking has arrived, and while we might not have the cold climate to match such warming meals, we certainly can still enjoy a little bit of the traditional Christmas spirit. Throughout the month, various world-renowned cooks will be sharing their top festive recipes, and we have hand selected some of our favourites - recipes that are evergreen and have become synonymous with Christmas. Our festive menu even ensures that vegetarians and vegans are covered. We hope you're inspired.

The Christmas Morning Smoothie

07344eb4-e88a-456d-8c9b-5cb50b0ae56a-1691x2040 A smoothie to start your day the right way. Eat lighter in the morning to save room for heavier lunches or suppers on Christmas day. Nigel Slater uses gin, ginger, clementines and berries to make up this refreshing 'adult' smoothie. Recipe: Nigel Slater

A Festive Mojito

cranberry-and-ginger-mojito-3 All good parties need a welcoming drink, and a Mojito is a great option. This simply delicious formula adds ginger, cranberries and lemon to the cocktail combination. Refreshing, spicy and festive. Recipe: Simply Delicious Food

The turkey

9r_xgmdykmn8ng3hvnwtlw We have to honour cooking maestro, Jaime Oliver, for his scrumptious solutions to all our Christmas cooking woes. His classic roast turkey will sure wow your guests, and his crunchy toppings are perfect to sample when nobody is watching. Recipe: Jaime Oliver

Maple glazed ham

Image Credit: Good To Know (Gordon Ramsay Recipe) In South Africa, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to pre-cooked and decorated gammons. It's often a tough meat to master, but Gordon Ramsay has just the right trick to help you show off your culinary skills. Yet again, an essential on your festive menu. Recipe: Gordon Ramsay

golden roast potatoes

4256 Roast potatoes go hand in hand with any festive menu. These perfectly roasted potatoes are easy to make and can be adapted to suit vegetarians and vegans. Recipe: Jill Mead for The Guardian

Brussel sprouts with bacon and chestnuts

sprout1_main There aren't many fans of the good ol' brussel sprout, but it's an essential on any traditional Christmas menu. A topping of bacon and chestnuts adds extra flavour to this green dish. Raymond Blanc will convince you that this is worth trying. Recipe: Raymond Blanc

spinach and cashew nut roast

nutroastmainpic-800x596 Health blogger, Madeline Shaw concocts a delicious spinach and cashew nut bake, that is hearty, flavoursome and perfect for vegetarians. Image Credit: Madeline Shaw

Shredded Brussels Sprouts Salad

brussels-sprouts-salad1 Adding a nourishing, crunchy and refreshing salad to your meal will provide a healthier break to the cooked options. Pickled onions, cashews and a mustard vinaigrette is the perfect combination with green leaves. Recipe: Fat-Free Vegan

Bacon wrapped sausages

o6a9173 Pork sausages are a great treat for the dinner party table. Drizzle and Dip serves theirs with rosemary and mustard - a festive combo to be enjoyed by all. Recipe: Drizzle&Dip

Spicy mince pies

star-topped-mince-pies-5637b7766623d What is a Christmas meal without mince pies? Have yours in the morning, give them to Santa or serve them to end off a meal. Nigella is the goddess of the kitchen and her delectable mince pies are easy to make and even easier to eat. Recipe: Nigella Lawson