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Food from Around the World

We are all partial to different types of cuisine, and fortunately, thanks to a smorgasbord of culinary traditions out there, there are plenty different options – think anything from Spanish tapas on a hot summer's evening to a wholesome South African potjie on a cold winter's day. Below we've rounded up some of our favourite dishes from around the world (with recipes), so you can travel widely with just a fork.

Beef Tacos – Mexico

Image Credit: Jamie Oliver Image Credit: Jamie Oliver

Mexican food screams colour, heat and endless amounts of guacamole. Whether you like yours filled with refried beans or spicy beef, this easy to prepare dish is always a crowd-pleaser. Get the recipe.

Pork Chow Mein – China

Image Credit: HairyBikers Image Credit: HairyBikers

Chow mein is a staple on any Chinese menu. Packed with vegetables and meat, and layered with dark soy sauce, Chinese five spice and a dash of mirin, this classic stir fry is easy enough to make at home. Get the recipe.

Madeleines – France

Image Credit: The Kitchn Image Credit: The Kitchn

Madeleines are a classic French treat. Their petite form and soft vanilla flavour make these ideal for a tea party. It's imperative you use a shell case for baking them – and a little bit of patience will go a long way in preparing them. Get the recipe.

Challah or Kitka Bread – Israel

best-challah-egg-bread1 Image Credit: Smitten Kitchen

Challah is a traditional Jewish bread served on Friday evenings. It's part of the celebration of Shabbat, where family members bless the bread and share it among themselves. This delicious knotted loaf tastes similar to a buttery brioche and is the ultimate carbohydrate spoil. Available in most supermarkets throughout South Africa – we enjoy ours toasted with salted butter. You can make your own too - get the recipe.

Vetkoek – South Africa

Imade Credit: Pick n Pay Image Credit: Pick n Pay

A classic South African dish, served either savoury or sweet, vetkoek is our traditional take on a doughnut, where a flour-based dough is deep fried in oil and usually coated in sugar and cinnamon. Depending on the community you are in, vetkoek is often served with either mince or jam. Get the recipe.

Butternut Squash Dahl – India

Image Credit: Jaime Oliver Image Credit: Jamie Oliver

We love how Jamie Oliver added butternut to this classic Indian dish. Dahl is a great vegetarian option that's mild in spiciness, but full of flavour. Spices like turmeric, coriander seeds and curry leaves give this meal punch. Get the recipe.

Paella – Spain

Image Credit: Donal Shekan Image Credit: Donal Skehan

Now famous all over the world, paella is a traditional Spanish rice dish, and a seafood-based version is on the top of our list. If you like a mix of prawns, calamari, chorizo and peas, you'll adore this recipe created by Donal Skehan. Get the recipe. Save Save Save Save