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Dark Chocolate Tart with Ice Cream

Johnny Hamman, the mastermind behind pop-up dining concept Slippery Spoon, explored the concept of pairing food with fabric for us. This is the third dish in the series he created around this theme, and it’s inspired by black velvet (the first was soy-glazed beef tataki inspired by leather and the second gold-crusted lobster tail inspired by sequined cloth).


For the ice cream

2L vanilla ice cream

150ml Guinness

150ml dry sparkling wine

For the chocolate tart

500g sweet tart pastry

1½ sticks butter

340g dark Belgian chocolate

6 large eggs

½ cup sugar

pinch of kosher salt

unsweetened cocoa powder for dusting


Allow the ice cream to soften slightly out of freezer, then mix in the Guinness and sparkling wine, working quickly. Place back in the freezer to set.

To make the chocolate tart, spread butter on the inside of a 20cm tart tin. Roll pastry out thinly and line the tart tin with it. Blind-bake the pastry in an oven preheated to 180˚C until golden brown.

Melt the butter and chocolate together in a double boiler. While the chocolate is melting, whisk the eggs with the salt and sugar until the sugar has dissolved.

Mix the melted chocolate with the egg mixture and pour this into the blind-baked tart shell. Bake the tart in a 120˚C oven for 20 minutes and then refrigerate for two hours to set.

Serve a slice of chocolate tart with a scoop of Guinness-and-Champagne ice cream. Dust with cocoa powder.