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Cosy Up with Winter Cocktails

Danielle Le Chat

Too cold to hold onto a chilled Daiquiri? You bet it is! That's why we've assembled this list of divinely indulgent, winter warming cocktail recipes to knock your woolly socks off:

1. Winter Warming Sherry

While this recipe doesn't call for any hot ingredients, it sure will warm you from the inside. It's a bit like eggnog and is inspired by a traditional Elizabethan dessert known as posset. WinterSherryCocktail-e1436881337964 Get the recipe here  

2. Dirty Chai Toddy

This cardamon and anise spiced Indian favourite from Food52 just got dirty - with a good glug of espresso and a neat shot or two of Bourbon. Get the recipe here  

3. Irish Coffee

Our take on the traditional Irish Coffee uses sherry instead of whiskey. Try get hold of flavourful clotted cream from your local dairy to make this 'Pirate's Breakfast' really special. Screen-Shot-2015-07-14-at-3.02.31-PM Get the recipe here  

4. Spiced Hot Toddy

Something of an adult iced tea, this warming infusion of honey, cinnamon and whiskey from Divine Caroline is just what the doctor ordered. Get the recipe here  

5. Winter glühwein

Always a crowd-pleaser, wine's best friend is wine warmed up. Toss in some heady cloves and zingy citrus and you're set for mulled wine domination. gluhwein Get the recipe here  

6. Hot Chocolate, Whiskey and Cinnamon

The ultimate winter antidote, hot chocolate meets its grown-up self with the addition of whiskey, thanks to this indulgent recipe from A Brown Table. A perfect treat! Get the recipe here  

7. Almond and honey martini

Sophisticated with a spicy twist, this gorgeous take on the traditional martini really calls for a roaring fire and a pianist in a tailcoat playing soft jazz numbers in the background. martini Get the recipe here     READ MORE: 4 Creamy Coffee Cocktails Amarula Dusky Decadence Cocktail Recipe Nespresso Cocktail Recipe