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If you like brunch, you’ll love this brunch recipe book

Aart Verrips

As a private chef, Alix Verrips has travelled the world cooking for bigwigs in their homes and on luxury yachts, so it comes as no surprise that the South African culinary pro knows a thing or two about how people in different countries enjoy one of the most popular mealtimes of all – brunch. About his new brunch recipe book he says; ‘I chose to do a book about brunch because not only is it my favourite meal, but it is also the favourite meal of the idle rich, the jet set, high net-worth holiday makers and those who make a point of enjoying the good life… in other words, my clients!’ says Alix.

If you like brunch, you’ll love this brunch recipe book

brunch recipe bookBacon Bloody Mary

brunch recipe bookBrunch Across 11 Countries – Recipes of a private chef by Alix Verrips (Human & Rousseau; R390).

From Britain and the Bahamas to Spain and the Greek Isles, Brunch Across 11 Countries showcases the brunch meals of distant lands in a simple format that’s easy to read and beautiful to look at. Think oysters mignonette from Monaco, sesame prawn toast from Asia, bacon Bloody Marys from the USA and shakshouka from the Middle East, to name but a few. ‘The following chapters will take you on a voyage of discovery through various cuisines and glamorous locations, offering you and your family the chance to experience brunch around the globe,’ says Alix.
brunch recipe bookChurros

Along with the chef’s personal accounts of the places and cuisine featured in the book as well as mouthwatering food photography by Aart Verrips, Brunch Across 11 Countries is a must for anyone with a passion for travel and – most importantly – brunch. Follow Alix Verrips on Twitter and Instagram.
brunch recipe bookA breakfast spread

brunch recipe bookShakshouka

brunch recipe bookSesame Prawn Toast