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Bond’s favourite meals recreated

Harry Hargreaves

They say the way to a man's heart is though his stomach. So, anyone out there looking to land a real-life James Bond, take note! As we all eagerly await the release of Spectre at the end of November, food photographer Henry Hargreaves and cook Charlotte Omnes are also bringing the world of 007 to life - on a plate. Based predominantly on Ian Fleming's original novels rather than the films that have been inspired by them, the duo have collaborated to recreate some of Bond's favourite dishes for a delectable photographic series. _MG_6460 Hargreaves's grandfather served with Fleming in the Second World War, and in fact consulted on some of the tailoring details for the author's beloved Bond books. Both he and Omnes have a profound fascination with the fictional secret agent, and decided that the meals he enjoyed were a great way of truly epitomising his character. The project is entitled Dying to Eat, and captures a signature meal from each of the 12 books. Dying-to-eat13 These include a dreamy eggs Benedict from The Man with the Golden Gun, beef and asparagus from Diamonds Are Forever, bacon and eggs with buttery toast from The Spy Who Loved Me, and the smoked ham and peaches dish featured in From Russia with Love. You can view the full set of images, accompanied by corresponding excerpts from the books, here.   READ MORE 7 Bond Houses To Die For Licence to Thrill Photographer Nadine Greeff