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Bascule Whiskey Cocktails

Most whiskey lovers will tell you the only way to enjoy a good whisky is neat, or on the rocks if you must. Well, time to turn over a new leaf! Whiskey cocktails are making a huge comeback worldwide and it's clear why - a good whiskey marries beautifully with citrus flavours, loves to play with a bit of spice and can be utterly transformed by a shot of sweetness tempered with a dash of bitters, never losing the true beauty of the smooth whiskey within these cocktail concoctions. Cape Town's uber trendy Bascule Bar, always with its finger on the pulse of international whiskey trends, has introduced a new cocktail menu and, yes – you guessed it – the star ingredient is whiskey. Barman Bradley Jacobs explains why the team at Bascule decided to get creative with their most treasured tipple: ‘Our passion at Bacule will always be whiskey.  It is therefore such an honour and pleasure to be unveiling this collection of gorgeous whiskey based drinks to our guests.  The new menu is designed to get people excited about whiskey again.  We want our current whiskey fans to learn something new about the spirit and for non-whiskey drinkers to fall in love with it like the rest of us'. Sounds good to us! Here are some of their whiskey cocktails from the Bascule menu for you to try:   Rooibos Blazer Lagavulin 16 yr old, maple syrup, house-made lemon bitters, rooibos tea ROOIBOS-BLAZER-LR-copy Cape Malay Curry Johnny Walker Platinum, apricot liqueur, roasted cumin, lemon, bitters, sugar syrup CAPE-MALAY-CURRY-LR-copy Spiced Apple Julep Makers Mark, spiced apple puree, fresh lime, mint SPICED-APPLE-JULEP-LR-copy