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appetising aperol

Micky Hoyle
aperol Before autumn takes its hold, savour the flavours of summer in a new and modern way with this refreshing Aperol-based cocktail, served with salted melon and decorated with a touch of gold leaf.

aperol cocktail with prosecco and salted melon

12 shots Aperol, divided 750ml Prosecco sparkling wine, chilled 1T sea-salt flakes 1t castor sugar a generous pinch of ground ginger 1 sheet edible gold leaf or edible gold dust 6 slices melon, peeled Method: Fill each glass with ice and pour in 2 shots of Aperol. Top with the Prosecco and place the glasses onto a serving tray. Combine the sea salt flakes, sugar, ginger and gold leaf and rub lightly to break down the gold leaf. Sprinkle each melon slice with a generous pinch of the flavoured salt and place a slice onto each glass. Serve immediately. SERVES 6