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5 Umami Mushroom Recipes

Anyone who appreciates a good, fresh mushroom will agree that the bouquet of fungi available is inspiring – especially when it comes to variety of flavour and their possibility in a range of dishes.

After a recent article we posted on the wonderful mushroom foraging you can experience at Delheim Estate, we realised just how many mushroom recipes we have in our extensive library. It's high time we shared them again with you. Get your mushroom fix with these delicious recipes:

Wild mushroom and Jarslberg tarts


Chanterelles, cèpes and golden trumpet mushrooms work the best...

Get the recipe here.

Courgette and mushroom burger


A sinfully delicious veggie burger served with grilled brown mushrooms.

Get the recipe here.

Tofu and shimeji stir-fry


Give your stir-fry a kick of umami goodness.

Get the recipe here.

Mushroom and walnut bisque


A crispy, golden pastry on the outside, deliciously warming fungi goodness on the inside to ward off the chilly weather…

Get the recipe here.

Sirloin and roasted porcini


Served with a black-olive vinaigrette and shoestring chips…

Get the recipe here.



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