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5 Soup Recipes You Have To Try

Winter is well and truly here and with it comes the opportunity to curl up on the couch, cradling a bowl of the deliciously warming goodness known as soup. If you're as much of a soup fanatic as we are here at House and Leisure, then it's time you tried a few of these amazing taste combinations. You won't be disappointed!

Corn and coriander pesto soup

Served with baked tortilla wedges Get the recipe here. coriander

Ginger tomato soup

With a smattering of smokey pancetta Get the recipe here. tomato

Spiced Moroccan vegetable soup

Aroma that will warm your heart Get the recipe here. morrocan

Spiced pork wonton soup

A spicy chilli, lime and garlic infused broth Get the recipe here. wonton

Parsnip, apple, chestnut and elderflower soup

Flavours of winter time Get the recipe here. parsnip