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5 Classic Sauces Everyone Should Know How to Make

Whether you prefer a hollandaise on your lightly poached eggs or a mushroom relish on your medium-rare steak, most meals are elevated with the addition of a well-made sauce. While there's an endless array of fancy foams and reductions available on menus today, the all-time classics still top our list. Here are five recipes for the golden oldies in the savoury sauce category.

hollandaise sauce

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This silky five-ingredient emulsion can be enjoyed on a variety of dishes, but is best served atop eggs Benedict. While this topping looks rather complex, it's actually very easy to make. Here's a recipe from the very best source in the business - Jamie Oliver.

tomato sauce

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This classic tomato sauce recipe should be on file for life, as it is easy to make and easy to store. It can serve as a base for many other recipes or be tossed with freshly boiled pasta. Get the recipe.

creamy mushroom sauce

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This recipe is for a classic mushroom sauce that can be made in under 20 minutes. It's the perfect accompaniment to a deliciously cooked piece of steak or schnitzel. Get the recipe.

sticky bbq sauce

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A homemade BBQ sauce should be a fridge staple in your home - it is easy to make (like all good sauces) and is super tasty. Marinating meat in this sticky relish will give it that extra layer of deliciousness. Find a guide to making this sauce within this larger recipe for sticky BBQ spare ribs.

béchamel sauce

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Béchamel is the base to any good gratin or pasta dish. The ingredients are based on cupboard essentials and it's hassle-free to make. You can easily change the flavour by adding spices or various forms of cheese. Get the recipe.

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