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4 Potjie Recipes To Try

When the mercury's low, the need for hearty, warming slow food is high. Whether you're a keen camper, glamper, or in the midst of some inopportune load shedding (urgh...), nothing beats a truly South African potjie. Typically made in a cast iron pot (or potjie), and cooked slowly with heaps of veggies over a fire or gas hob, these divine and healthy stews are the perfect winter antidote. All you need are a few recipes in your arsenal, a glass of good wine and a little bit of patience while your potjie stews. Here are four of our favourite potjie recipes:

1. Seafood Potjie Recipe

Made with Drostdy Hof Chardonnay, this seafood potjie is filled to the brim with fish, prawns and mussels. Yum! Seafood-potjie  

2. Chicken and Mushroom Potjie Recipe

The grown up version of the classic chicken and mushroom pie, this stew is comfort food personified. Chicken-mushroom-potjie  

3. Lamb Potjie Recipe

A fall-off-the-bone kind of lamb potjie, this one is a certified crowd-pleaser. lamb-potjie  

4. Braised Oxtail Potjie Recipe

Okay, so while this is technically not a traditional potjie recipe, it is still a fantastic option for slow braised stew. Serve with herbed mash. Oxtail-potjie   READ MORE: Beef Up Your Stew Trussed Beef Pot Roast Recipe 10 Food Trucks to Follow How to Survive Load Shedding 5 Outdoor Fire Pits     See more Slow Food recipes in the July 2015 Renovations issue, on sale now!