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Quaff this Festive Wine

Until you’ve experienced the festive season in a summery part of the world, you won’t know what you’re missing. Those of us who are lucky enough to enjoy the holidays in the sun will know that a good white wine is a mandatory accompaniment and the Creative Block 2 from Spier is one we’re stocking up on for this very purpose. Created by Spier's white winemaker Jacques Erasmus, the Creative Block 2 blends Sauvignon Blanc with a little Sémillon, both grown in the Stellenbosch and Durbanville regions. 'Being able to produce such complexity from two herbaceous profiles, dominated by the charisma of Sauvignon Blanc and accented with rich, creamy Sémillon - both born of the most beautiful soils – has made this one of my most memorable years so far,' says Jacques. You can expect kiwi and white peach aromas that are echoed in its tropical fruit flavours. Enjoy this wine with bolder foods like this springbok pizza with buffalo mozzarella and figs. Get the recipe here. springbokpizza600 spier.co.za