Q&A with Matt Preston

Celebrity foodie and MasterChef Australia judge Matt Preston recently graced us with his presence at a breakfast held at Jozi's Turbine Hall. The style savvy, cravat-wearing chef with a wicked sense of humour recently released his third book cookbook entitled 187 Recipes that will make you Incredibly Popular (Pan Macmillan). We caught up with him for an exclusive interview. What are your top ingredients to take a dish from average to A+? Good flake salt and fresh herbs. A little bit of added acidity to brighten things up - lemon (juice, carpels or zest) is my go-to here. Flavour bombs like white miso paste, Korean gochujang, pomegranate molasses or kaiserfleisch but above all, a great recipe! The next big food trend? The full gamut of ancient grains (including freekah, millet, amaranth, spelt, as well as quinoa). Fermenting and pickling. More restaurants celebrating unique indigenous ingredients and flavours - i.e wild aniseed, Kalahari truffles and spekboom. Name one of the recipes in your latest book you think South Africans will really love? Any of the salads – The Obvious Watermelon Salad is always a hit. Your 'cannot do without' kitchen accessory? A stick blender, a microplane and accurate scales. A mistake many cooks make is... To make things too complicated; to use too many ingredients.   You can find Matt Preston's book at all major book stores.   READ MORE: Vote for the Best of SA Tasty pear flapjacks SASSI greenlist recipes to love