Q&A: Tea Hunters

Text Nadia van der Mescht Photographs Julie Patrick Tea Hunters is a Durban-based iced tea brand, which focuses on natural ingredients, resulting in a delicious blend of flavours. We chatted to the owner and creative behind the brand, Sarah Holloway Fraser. How did the concept of Tea Hunters come about? The concept started in November 2012. I love tea and I wanted share my love of tea with the people around me. Hot tea is not usually the drink of choice during the height of summer in Durban, so I started playing around with iced tea recipes! Blending and brewing cordials and concoctions, the result was an artisan iced tea range, bottled in glass and free from any additives that shouldn’t be found in drinks. Tell us about the tea making process and what sets your products aside from more commercial brands? First, we steep; loose tea leaves are added to water and strained when the tea brew is at its tastiest. While the tea steeps, we prepare a unique cordial that compliments the notes in the tea brew and adds complexity to the drink. Floral, spicy and fruity notes are all naturally found in our cordial ingredients. Natural tea and cordial pairing is unique to Tea Hunters, because mass-produced iced tea is full of flavour ants, preservatives and unnatural sweeteners. We strive to create a product that is natural and made with locally sourced ingredients. Are there plans to share the product with the rest of South Africa? Yes! We have had the most incredible support from around the country – I am so excited to share Tea Hunters with people around South Africa. What are the tea flavours and tastes like? Currently we have two flavours: Cranberry Rose: Rooibos tea base, paired with our own cranberry and rose cordial. It’s light, sweet, floral and refreshing. White Lemon: White tea base, paired with our own lemon and vanilla cordial. It’s zesty, moreish, and a crisp thirst quencher! What are a few of your favourite Durban spots? Love Coffee, The Factory Café, Corner Café, Mooki Noodle Bar, Freedom Café, Glenwood Bakery, Parc Café and more… I have a very long list! Where can we buy Tea Hunters products? The Factory Café & Love Coffee – we are also at I heart Market and Wonder Market every month. Tea Hunters is currently known as Deer Deer Tea Hunters and are in the process of rebranding. Contact Sarah via email at for further details.