Q&A: Samsung #fortheloveoffood

We chatted to Michelle Potgieter, director of corporate marketing and communications at Samsung South Africa, about their new #fortheloveoffood campaign that celebrates the love of South African food.

Here's the scoop:

 Why #fortheloveoffood and why is it important for South Africans? South Africans are largely known for their hospitable and friendly nature. For this reason, we are naturally also passionate about food as it draws people together from all walks of life. We love everything about food, because it is widely believed that no delicious meal is cooked without love. Meticulous planning normally goes into family and friend gatherings. Generally, someone sets the date and time, invites the guests, plans the menu and also anticipates activities. Successful get-togethers, whether once a year or during the holiday are important for three predominant reasons: it brings people together; it offers opportunities to connect with one another and allows us to share memories that will last a lifetime. At Samsung, we understand that we live in a unique country – with cultures that are varied and diverse. The fascinating variety of different culinary traditions in this, is overwhelming, but special. From the deliciously diverse flavours of South Africa’s indigenous and multi-cultural rainbow cuisine, to culinary specialties inherent to each region, the fact remains that South African food tradition is synonymous with richness and assortment. It is this recognition that motivated Samsung to launch this incredibly heart-warming campaign, which seeks to embrace these cultural treasures embedded with fond memories and special moments, and giving everyone the opportunity to share theirs with South Africa. The ‘For the Love of Food’ campaign embraces South Africans’ unity as a country that loves to share great stories – specifically those behind much-loved traditional dishes, which have been passed on from generation to generation. Food is a great way to break barriers, bringing people from various backgrounds together. This is what makes our nation full of such great people. Many South Africans have incredible stories, inspired by memorable dishes to share - from traditional tripe to stews, seafood and braai, all of which are considered local delicacies. With this campaign, we are inviting consumers to share the history behind their recipes with a chance to win fantastic Samsung prizes. Six category winners will win a share of R300, 000 worth of Samsung products. The most delicious recipes will be featured on for consumers to download and try out. The site will be updated regularly with new and fresh content such as recipes, videos and photographs, alongside advice on how to use Samsung products. Samsung ambassador Reuben Riffel will also be sharing his tips and tricks on how to get the most out of Samsung’s array of kitchen solutions. What inspired the collaboration with Reuben Riffel? Reuben Riffel has been a Samsung ambassador since 2013. He is passionate about food and his highly creative and unpretentious way of preparing dishes can be described as nothing less than inspiring. His rise to fame and the stories behind his success resonates with the heart of this campaign and we are delighted that he is partnering with Samsung on this project. He really knows his way around the kitchen and we knew that his persona and talent would resonate with all South Africans. What is the connection between Samsung Electronics and South African cooking? One can truly enjoy the art of cooking with minimal fuss when using the correct combination of kitchen products and gadgets. Samsung provides consumers with various innovative kitchen appliances and this initiative is an opportunity to showcase the variety of dishes you can conveniently prepare using our products. Our wide range of appliances for the kitchen includes: Smart Microwave Oven, Dual Cook and Ceramic Hob Ovens, Chef Collection and Food ShowCase Refrigerators, as well as various models of dishwashers. Consumers can now be sure to prepare the perfect meal, time and again.  What are some of the cooking categories that people can choose to enter and how will they be judged? Anyone is welcome to enter. We encourage young and old to submit their stories and tell us what makes their recipes so amazing. Readers can submit their recipes and the stories behind these, by visiting the website, Recipes can be entered into one of the following six cooking categories: Fancy canapés, Quick snack, Slow Cooked Dish, Fish and Seafood, Braai Dish and Desserts. Judging will be based on the actual recipes and more over on the truly unique and interesting stories we receive from participants. Entries close on 22 March 2015. What's your favourite South African dish? My favourite dish, without fruit, is my mother’s chocolate cake. For more information visit