Organic chocolate

Realising the health benefits of organic food, people have caught onto the trend of opting for natural produce instead. As organic food has grown in popularity, more and more food items are available in organic varieties. What better food to enjoy (healthily), than chocolate? HL chatted to Anthony Gird, one of the founders of the Cape Town-based organic chocolate company, Honest. We asked him just what makes organic chocolate healthier than regular chocolate... 'Like any other organic food, organic chocolate eliminates the potential harm of synthetic pesticides, artificial fertilisers, irradiation or biotechnology/GMO, which makes it especially better for you over the long term.' He shared that not only is it healthier for these reasons, but also because of the environment in which the crop is grown. 'Organic cacao is better for the land as there are no artificial pesticides and insecticides that could harm the local eco-system. A healthier land is a healthier place for us to live in', he says. Anthony adds, 'Historically, organic produce was almost exclusively available directly from small family-run farms or at community farmer's markets. With companies such as Honest supplying the market with delicious organic alternatives, healthier options are more freely available to us.' Visit one of the Honest Chocolate stores in Cape Town (Wale Street Shop or Woodstock Shop at the Woodstock Exchange) or view their website for a list of national stockists: For enquiries you can email Contact them directly on 082-829-3877 (Anthony) or 082-736-3889 (Michael).